Internet Marketing Campaigns

south africa websiteFrom an online point of view, websites can be promoted in two ways - organic and paid. Organic promotion refers to links to your site from natural, or organic sources - links on other sites across the internet to your site, links on bulletin boards, blogs, online directories, references in articles, etc. Paid promotion refers to generating links to your site through avenues you have paid for - banners on other sites, Google PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns and paid entries into online directories.

Both of these promotion tools require an experienced, knowledgeable team managing them. Not all links are created equally!

Especially when it comes to paid promotion, budgets can spiral, while providing very little real advantage. 

All of our services are third-party benchmarked and analysed, with reports on your website activity, goal setting (and reaching), so when we say we have quadrupled your internet traffic, we have.

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