Search Engine Optimisation

south africa optimisationSEO is a powerful key that unlocks a successful online strategy. But what is SEO? SEO is the use of various programming and scripting tools to assist search engines to rank websites in order of relevance to given keywords. Without SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, companies have a hard time using the internet as a marketing tool as they cannot be easily found on search engines.

Before we had search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN) to assist in making web searches more relevant, internet users had to know the exact website address for the company they were looking for. Over the years, search enginesigns optimisation (SEO) has made finding relevant information much easier. With high internet penetration, search engines have become some of the most visited websites. In fact they are indispensable to anyone looking to find information, goods and services.

With millions of customers now looking to purchase goods and services online, being part of a global marketplace is also extremely competitive. As a business, you must ensure that potential customers find you easily. Whilst the internet has been great for businesses that have employed effective SEO, it is equally troublesome for those who haven’t. Effective Search Engine Optimisation of your website leads to new markets for your business. People who are looking for the goods and services that you provide can find you easily; they don’t need to know your name or anything about you. Studies have shown that people rarely go past the first page of a list when conducting a search on a particular keyword typed into a search engine. (Your own web search behaviour will confirm this!).

SEO is designed to ensure that your website is ‘highly ranked’ for relevance and therefore appears high on the search engines for particular keywords or phrases. The closer you are to the top of a search page using relevant keywords, the more business you will derive from your website. Your business needs to perform well on search engines, and this is what good SEO will do for you. If you know that your website is underperforming when you do a keyword search of your company’s key business offerings, it’s time to get an SEO expert on your team.

We pride ourselves on creating a great looking websites which iare easily found on search engines such as Google, Yahoo or MSN.

So-called experts will tell you that techniques such as frequent meta-tag use is all that is necessary to optimise a website for search engines. This is just not true. Search engines employ sophisticated programs to ensure that they only list relevant websites. There are hundreds of algorithms that search engines employ, and only dedicated and expert SEO professionals can effectively compete with the demands of the task.

If you want results, our we will get you outperforming your competitors – that’s what business is all about! Contact us today.