CMS Website Design

south africa joomlaWebsites are primarily a media for providing information - concise, accurate and relevant to the visitors of your site. But what was worthwhile information 12 months ago (or even one month ago) is often just that -  last year's news. Ever more savvy, internet users are judging whether to do business with companies based on their websites and the content and functionality provided therein.joomla south africa

For the most part, websites have never been part of the day to day running of a business - if changes needed to be made, they were assigned to "the IT guy" who would effect the changes in his own time. With a CMS system, with no coding experience, YOU can play an active role in how your site looks, and what visitors to it see. From your latest coup, to your new office details, to your take on the new developments in your field - you add what you think people want to see, at your pace, in your time - simply.

Apart from the immediately apparent benefits, there are other highly beneficial aspects to having a constantly updated website.

At Shuttleworth Consulting, we believe that websites should be:


  • Easy to update, even for a layman.
  • Attractive for users, when it comes to both design and content.
  • Friendly for search engines, to have high positions – so called SEO-FRIENDLY.


Our CMS websites match these standards. We create:

  • websites for companies,
  • websites for hotels,
  • websites for tourist offices,
  • websites for estate agencies,
  • news websites,
  • websites for Internet communities,
  • photo galleries

We work mainly with CMS that are easy to use: Joomla!CMS or Wordpress for simpler sites.

We can offer much more than just a design and system for a website. We can advise you or create the whole conception of a website, find materials, develop your website and fill it with content, take care of the position of the website in search engines and promote it on the Internet. Should professional photography be needed, we can handle that too. 

Although we specialise in CMS sites, we also design simple static sites. 

All Shuttleworth Consulting websites are W3C compliant featuring tableless design with valid XHTML and CSS.