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AtlantisHaving decided against print publishing, turning rather to the web, Riaan Booysen approached us to create an online platform on which he could publish his theories, ideas and thoughts. Traditionally, a blog provides just such a platform, but Riaan wanted a more professional feel to his site. What started out as a small site grew and grew as our client realised how much material he wanted to present to the public. Due to the sheer volume of content, an important part of the brief was to ensure that the content was presented such that it would not overwhelm the reader.

Because Riaan continuously needs to update his content, as he expands on his revolutionary theories, we chose to use Joomla! as a CMS platform, allowing him to make changes whenever he wants to. This platform also allows a comments function, which he felt would be very useful due to the nature of the content.

We feel (as does the client) that the end product is a great one.

When I first approached Shuttleworth Consulting for creating me a personal website, I actually had no idea what I really wanted. Derek’s phenomenal insight into web design astonished me. The end result exceeded my wildest expectations - I think it is simply fantastic. Contents too, but that is for you to decide! - Riaan Booysen

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Project Overview: were approached by EasyClip to design a website for their newly registered EasyClip Hidden Deck Fasteners. They wanted a site to match their product: clean, smooth and easy to use. They also wanted to be able to easily add new information to their site without having to contact "the IT guy" every time they wanted to add a picture or a supplier's contact details.

Joomla! was chosen as the CMS platform for this site. The result was a sleek site and a happy client!

See the live site here.

Marvellous Maids

Project Overview:MMaids

Marvellous Maids, a countrywide brand required a complete website overhaul, while maintaining the Content Management System (cms) capabilities of their previous site. Users with varying levels of power can add, remove and edit information to ensure the site's information remains current.

The Joomla! CMS system was chosen for its ease of use for the end users adding content, as well as stability of the site. We included secure sections within the site containing documents for in-house use, accessible only to pre-determined users, making the site not just a great marketing tool, but a useful cog in their business process.

Shuttleworth Consulting designed an amazing new website for Marvellous Maids. We were very impressed with final result – not only is it eye-catching, good looking and impressive but boasts an interactive element. It was a pleasure working with Derek, he answered all calls and e-mails promptly; fixed the niggles almost instantly and turned difficult requests into reality.
Shuttleworth Consulting’s after sales service must also be remarked upon – they have continued to monitor the site and helped add a few new additions. And I’ve referred my husband who is looking for a new website for his company – a sign of a truly satisfied customer. All in all, if you’re looking for a professional, intelligent web design team, you need to call Shuttleworth Consulting. - Clare Richardson

See the live site here.